“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
– Henry Adams (1838-1918), The Education of Henry Adams.

By molding attitudes and behaviors, especially in children, we determine the future of our community. The classroom is a powerful place to shape the citizens of tomorrow.

Keep America Beautiful’s (KAB) curricula and programs teach the fundamentals of litter prevention, preserving our resources, responsible solid waste management, and how to reduce, reuse and recycle. All programs are designed to be locally adaptable to meet the needs of individual communities. Keep The Shoals Beautiful (KTSB), as an affiliate of KAB, can assist in adapting these programs for your school.

KTSB can provide useful educational tools. All tools, such as instruction manuals, lesson plans, posters, videos, et cetera can be accompanied by a representative from KTSB who can help explain the materials, suggest uses and assist with implementing presentations. Among young people, these tools can build environmental knowledge, foster stewardship and encourage community pride. The tools can help you teach and instill the treasured values of citizenship and individual responsibility.

As an educator interested in changing attitudes and behaviors, and making our Shoals area cleaner, greener and safer, Why don’t you…

…Use Prepared Lesson Plans!
We know that life in the “No Child Left Behind” classroom is hard. Let KTSB provide you with lesson plans that will get your classroom ready to dispose of trash properly, recycle and help the environment and our community. These lessons teach young students about litter and its impact in their communities, empowering them to make a difference. Ready-made materials make it easier to incorporate environmental lessons into your schedule, while satisfying state and federal performance standards. The state affiliate, Keep Alabama Beautiful, is currently working to align all KAB lesson plans with state curriculum to make it even easier.

Waste In Place is a curriculum supplement for grades K-6 that provides a balanced perspective on litter prevention and responsible solid waste management practices. These guides and teacher workshops are available from KTSB.

…Request Literature, Materials and Handouts!
KTSB has lots of great literature for teachers to use at anytime to educate on everything from litter prevention and recycling to beautification.

…Ask about Recycling Programs!
For teachers ready to see a recycling program in their school, KTSB is here to help! The School Recycling Guide offers instructions for setting up school recycling programs. A copy of this Guide has been provided by KTSB to all superintendents of local school systems. We encourage you to contact your superintendent, and take the first step in setting a program (big or small) for your school or classroom. KTSB can assist in setting up the process to ensure ease, efficiency and sustainability.

…Participate in a Clean-up!
Many school organizations across the country, such as key clubs, sports teams, science clubs and others, partner with local KAB affiliates and participate in community clean-ups. Ask about getting involved with one of KTSB’s upcoming clean-ups or setting up one of your own.

…Set Up Litter-Free Sporting Events!
Schools and recreation departments are increasingly embracing litter-free sporting events. The benefits are many, including reducing cleanup costs and encouraging anti-littering attitudes, which can translate into a cleaner event and community. KTSB can provide you with easy how-tos that can help reduce litter at sporting events.

…Display Posters in Your Classroom and Halls!
Many wonderful posters that are creative, motivational, attention-grabbing and informative are available from KTSB, including:
236 Millions Tons of Trash– includes lesson plans, plus information on solid waste management
Take Action– includes lesson plans aimed at teens
Clean Sweep U.S.A.
Graffiti Hurts
Beautify the Environment

Ask us about samples!

…Invite KTSB to Your School!
Presenters and speakers are available upon invitation! KTSB can bring fun, energetic speakers and presenters to help educate your classroom. We can present overviews of what KTSB is doing in our community, outline tips just for kids on how they can help our environment, and assist in facilitating one of the many lesson plans that can be provided.

…Arrange for a Workshop!
KTSB can facilitate workshops for your fellow teachers on many topics, including the Waste in Place curriculum supplement.

…Encourage Your Kids to Establish a KTSB Club!
The on-campus club can work directly with KTSB in facilitating school displays, litter-free sporting events, campus clean-ups, articles for the school paper, and more! They can also participate in the national Clean Campus Competition!

…Check Out These Web-based Resources!
Clean Sweep U.S.A. –( www.cleansweepusa.org and http://www.cleansweepusa.org/educators.aspx)
Clean Sweep U.S.A. is an interactive companion website to Waste in Place geared toward middle school students. It is designed as a fun and engaging educational site designed to supplement environmental education curriculum. Including teachers resources, Web content, links, and offline activities, the program is an integral part of lesson plans around the country. Contents include important lessons about litter prevention, waste reduction, recycling, composting, landfills, and more.

Keep America Beautiful – Kids’ Zone -www.kab.org
Go to the KAB website, click on “Kids’ Zone,” and you’re there! Encourage your students to visit the site to learn easy how-tos about getting involved and protecting our environment. Contents include an online video game about recycling for kids.

Keep America Beautiful – For Teachers -www.kab.org
Go to the KAB website, click on “Tools & Resources,” then click to “learn more” for teachers. You can begin to explore the options and ideas KAB can give you to educate your students.

KAB Man – www.kabman.org
A super hero for the older teens out there! Watch in amazement as KAB Man saves the world, picking up litter and encouraging everyone to “be clean and live green.” Check him out on My Space as well.

Litter. It Costs You. – www.litteritcostsyou.org
This great site from the state of Georgia contains many useful facts about litter and resources to use in its prevention. Visit the area for “Schools / Kids,” which includes online games, litter trivia and more!

Graffiti Hurts – www.graffitihurts.com
The Graffiti Hurts website will give you insight on how to educate your class on the harmful effects of graffiti.